Adornia Wavy Threader Earrings silver – ADORNIA

Wavy Threader Earrings silver

$24.99 $125.00

"Adornia's mission is to bring out the natural strength and beauty of real materials in its jewelry, and to adorn the amazing women who wear it." xo, Mo, founder

Slinky and soft, let your face stand out with these barely there but long chain threader earrings.

  • 2 inch long wavy wire and chain threader earring
  • .925 sterling silver
  • Dainty silver threader earrings, silver chain earrings, silver drop chain earrings, silver long chain earrings, slide through silver chain earrings, silver dangling threader earrings, silver linear wire threader earrings, sterling silver slide through chain earrings, silver pin threader earrings, thread slide through earrings 

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