Adornia Safety Pin Star Adjustable Lariat Necklace silver gold – ADORNIA

Safety Pin Star Adjustable Lariat Necklace silver gold

$39.99 $78.00

"Adornia's mission is to bring out the natural strength and beauty of real materials in its jewelry, and to adorn the amazing women who wear it." xo, Mo, founder

Function meets fashion with this Pin Star Adjustable Lariat Necklace. Use it as a standalone statement piece, or as the ultimate show-off piece on Instagram.  The safety pin is a symbol of hope, healing, solidarity and protection. 

  • Fully functioning pin used to close necklace in front through the stars
  • Three stars each with .01 carat diamond 
  • Available in 14k gold plated or white rhodium .925 sterling silver
  • 31.5" long in full, can be pinned at 26" and 21"
  • Delicate safety pin lariat Y-necklace, safety pin star pendant necklace, dainty safety pin charm necklace, safety pin star jewelry, paperclip necklace, paperclip lariat Y-necklace, safety pin charm chain, sterling silver safety pin necklace, gold safety pin necklace, pin necklace for women, solidarity safety pin necklace

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