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Star Necklace hematite pyrite


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"Adornia's mission is to bring out the natural strength and beauty of real materials in its jewelry, and to adorn the amazing women who wear it." xo, Mo, founder

You're a rock star, literally. These star necklaces are strung and carved out of natural polished hematite (silver) and pyrite (gold).

  • 14" length + 4" adjustable - can be worn as collar or regular length necklace
  • Your choice of pyrite (gold) or hematite(silver)
  • Great for stacking, easy to wear
  • Does not tarnish or fade, all natural polished stone
  • Star approx 4-6mm
  • Star stone necklace, silver star beaded necklace, gold star beaded necklace, continuous star necklace, all over star necklace, silver gemstone necklace, gold gemstone necklace, hematite beaded necklace, pyrite beaded necklace, hematite necklace, pyrite necklace 

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