Zodiac Lariat Necklace – ADORNIA

Zodiac Lariat Necklace


Embrace your unique astrological power with our zodiac lariat necklaces.

Aries: Eager, Courageous, Generous
Taurus: Listener, Loyal, Just
Pisces: Persistent, Dreamer, Sensual
Libra: Helpful, Hopeful, Irresistible
Gemini: Big hearted, Generous, Imaginative
Aquarius: Whimsical, Energetic, Artistic
Scorpio: Fearless, Attuned, Adventurous
Sagittarius: Spirited, Curious, Gentle
Cancer: Social, Sensitive, Practical
Virgo: Thorough, Honest, Organized
Capricorn: Hardworking, Methodical, Honest
Leo: Strong, Driven, Focused

Choose from 12 different zodiac signs
  • 14k yellow gold vermeil .925 sterling silver
  • 18" adjustable to 15" + 4" drop chain
  • Spring lock closure

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