Zodiac Lariat Necklace – ADORNIA

Zodiac Lariat Necklace


"Adornia's mission is to bring out the natural strength and beauty of real materials, and the real women who wear them." xo, Mo, founder

Embrace your unique astrological power with our zodiac lariat necklaces. Choose from 12 different zodiac signs

  • 14k yellow gold vermeil .925 sterling silver
  • 18" adjustable to 15" + 4" drop chain
  • Spring lock closure
  • Does not tarnish or fade
  • .25" zodiac disc

Aries: Eager, Courageous, Generous
Taurus: Listener, Loyal, Just
Pisces: Persistent, Dreamer, Sensual
Libra: Helpful, Hopeful, Irresistible
Gemini: Big hearted, Generous, Imaginative
Aquarius: Whimsical, Energetic, Artistic
Scorpio: Fearless, Attuned, Adventurous
Sagittarius: Spirited, Curious, Gentle
Cancer: Social, Sensitive, Practical
Virgo: Thorough, Honest, Organized
Capricorn: Hardworking, Methodical, Honest
Leo: Strong, Driven, Focused

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