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It's Simple: Inspirational silver and gemstone jewelry you can afford.

Moran "Mo" Amir founded Adornia to share her love of fun, bold, style-forward jewelry of the highest quality...starting at just $14. Adornia's mission is to empower women through its jewelry collection. Jewelry as a woman's armor, as your layer of strength. Before starting Adornia, Mo worked in the fashion industry, from where she decided to bring her eclectic "not-afraid-to-speak-up" style to the jewelry world.

Delicate jewelry for women who aren't.

Real Style

Our pieces are designed for the discerning jewelry fan and perfect for the woman who has got something to say. The collection encourages mixing and matching of stones, metals, and expressions, inspiring the #Adorniawoman to create a look that is unique, deeply personal, and edgy.

Real Materials

Adornia jewelry is made with real, fine materials such as sterling silver and natural gemstones - never plastic masquerading as jewels, and absolutely nothing that will turn you green. We take serious pride in the quality of our pieces and even more pride in the cost - providing value to our community is core to who we are. On top of that, we love a good sale! Sign up to our newsletter to receive exclusive promotions. 

Real Values

Adornia aims to give back and progressive, inclusive values are at the core of this company. From donating masks to NYC hospitals during the corona virus pandemic to fundraising for the Black Lives Matter Global Network, our company believes deeply in supporting the community.

Adornia Price vs Traditional Retail Price

Adornia is built on the idea of crafting and selling real high-quality, high-style jewelry directly to our customers. What does this mean? We spare you the countless mark-ups that are traditionally hidden in jewelry prices and make them unaffordable for many. From raw materials to craftsmen, from craftsmen to a brand, between the brand and the distributor, from the distributor to the warehouse, and finally from the warehouse to the store, the price of a single piece of jewelry can double, triple, or quadruple, at each and every stage - increases that are passed on to the customer. We don’t think you should pay for all of that.

Throughout the website, you’ll see traditional retail pricing, which reflects what you would pay for a similar piece at a traditional retailer, with all the common mark-ups included. And then you’ll see the Adornia price - the cost of our jewelry to you, and with it, a guarantee that the only thing you’re paying for is a piece of jewelry that you love.



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