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ADORNIA Featured in InStyle September September 3, 2014 12:47


InStyle uses three of our diamond pieces to show you how to expertly layer for fall!

How to Build a Better Lariat August 20, 2014 12:44

Has this ever happened to you? You're almost finished with your perfect outfit, it just needs something to polish it off... You reach for your new lariat necklace, loop the pendant through the hole and ZIP you're in an involuntary jewelry choke hold. You did not sign up for the WWF of necklaces, or at least you don't remember opting in... We have the lariat solution to end all your necklace problems. Our lariats actually hook in (at 3 different spots!) so they stay secure no matter what. Lariat style without the choking hazard.


Lara Lariat Necklace
Roma Lariat Necklace

Behind the Shoot: ADORNIA Fall 2014 Featuring Wink July 30, 2014 12:59

As you may have recently noticed our site has gotten quite the posh makeover. A new fashion season is coming and with that comes a rollout of 6 new collections! When we first opened our flagship NYC store we were thrilled to find that one of our favorite boutiques, Wink,  had a location just around the corner. So when it came to our most recent photo shoot for our new collections, the idea of featuring some of our favorite Wink pieces was a serious no-brainer. 


Check out some of the awesome pics here and visit WinkNYC.com for locations to shop!

HOW-TO: Necklace Layering 101 July 15, 2014 13:02

it the Layering Jackpot: Everyone's a Winner with These Easy Tips


So you want to dip your toe into the deep ocean that is layering your jewelry, but you're scared. What if I fail? What if I get tangled? What if there are sharks?!? Ok, maybe not so much that last one, but we feel ya and we're here to throw you a life preserver.

Taking that first leap into a new style can be hard but follow these simple tips and you'll be well on your way to becoming certified in LPR (Layering Perfectly in Repetition):


#1: Know your lengths- To make your first try completely foolproof match a shorter necklace (one that sits at 16-18") with a much longer necklace (one that is at least 30" long but no more than 36").


#2: The thick and the thin: If your short necklace is delicate, opt for a slightly chunkier long necklace, and vice versa. You can match thin with thin, but never match thick with thick.


Follow these easy how-to tips and your layered look will hit the style jackpot every time!

Eve Necklace
Nova Necklace

The Stacking Ring Diaries February 19, 2014 13:52

Our co-founder Bex always says, "You have 10 fingers, so why would you wear just one ring?" and while we whole-heartedly agree some things are easier said than done. Don't fret! Let us walk you through three easy and chic ways to stack 'em up (rings that is).

ADORNIA TV: Dress It Up, Dress It Down-Just Add Jewels October 16, 2013 13:56

It's a new year. Wishing for a new you? Or at least a more polished version of you? At ADORNIA Studios our New Year's Resolution is to help all of our ADORNIA Girls make that wish a reality. So check out our video styling series Live from ADORNIA Studios. Let us, with the help of our co-founder Bex (a former editor for LUCKY Magazine!), help you navigate all your jewelry styling questions and desires. Up first? How to dress your outfit up (or down) by simply changing your jewels. Check back soon for more!

Have a burning style question? Email our Personal Shoppers at PS@adornia.com

ADORNIA Featured on The Fashion Spot October 15, 2013 14:07


What does your jewelry say about you? Our co-founder Bex gives The Fashion Spot the expert scoop.

ADORNIA TV: How to Pair Your Sunglasses with Bold Earrings September 12, 2013 14:03

In the next installment of Live from ADORNIA Studios our co-founder Bex (a former editor for LUCKY Magazine!), shows you how to pair your favorite sunglasses with big bold earrings. No need to compete when you can compliment! More videos are on the way, check back soon! You've been adorned.

Have a burning style question? Email our Personal Shoppers at PS@adornia.com


ADORNIA on eHow: Bikini Jewelry July 15, 2013 14:35

Everyone deserves their own personal stylist so we've partnered up with how-to site eHow to bring you the answers to all of your burning jewelry style questions. Need some styling help? Email us at PS@adornia.com and you might even end up in one of our how-to videos!




Video Transcript: 

Live from Adornia Studios, I'm Bex Aronson, jewelry and style expert and co-founder of Adornia Fine Jewelry. Today we're going to show you the best bikini and earring pairings for the beach. Now first of all I know you are saying, earrings at the beach? Yes, absolutely, the best thing about fine jewelry is that you can wear it anywhere, in the water, out of the water and it's not going to tarnish, it's not going to turn your finger green, real materials, real quality, will last. First of all when I go to the beach and I'm putting together my outfit, I like to think about a theme, a trend overall. The first one I'm going to show you is tribal. Here you can see we've matched this tribal print bikini with these long turquoise dangling earrings for an overall sort of fierce tribal look. Second if you are feeling a little more sporty, you can see we've paired together this pink and black and white striped two piece with our sporty Terry earrings. The sleek lines go really really well together and finally if you are more of a Bohemian gal, you can see we've paired this brightly printed bikini with our silver Desiree earrings. They have a little bit more of an Earth Mama vibe to them. And there you have it, no matter your style you can wear earrings and your bikini at the beach and look fantastic. I'm Bex Aronson. That's it for today. You've been adorned.

How-To Accessorize Your Earring (With Another Earring) June 15, 2013 14:12

Ah youth. We all had our years of juvenile rebellion. Maybe it was a streak of pink hair, or a symbolic tattoo, but for many of us it was the second piercing. Yes multiple earring holes may have been all the rage back in the day but what does today's modern woman do with this extra opening? We say, embrace it! Any opportunity to increase your level of adornment is not one to be missed! The two rules to accessorizing your earring (with another earring) successfully come down to 2 words: Proportion and Likeness.

Proportion: Think of the 2nd earring as a supporting player. It should always be smaller than the star (your main earring). 

Likeness: Feel free to play around with color but keep everything in the same style family. Diamonds with diamonds, edgy with edgy.

ADORNIA TV: How-to Glam up a Basic T-shirt April 1, 2013 14:20

In the next installment of Live from ADORNIA Studios our co-founder Bex (a former editor for LUCKY Magazine!), shows you how to glam up a simple t-shirt with a few easy pieces you already own, plus the necessary sparkle. More videos are on the way, check back soon!

Have a burning style question? Email our Personal Shoppers at PS@adornia.com

ADORNIA TV: What Jewels to Wear with an Asymmetrical Neckline March 15, 2013 14:31

In the next installment of Live from ADORNIA Studios our co-founder Bex (a former editor for LUCKY Magazine!), solves a style dilemma. What jewels do I wear with an asymmetrical neckline? We'll show you how. More videos are on the way, check back soon! You've been adorned.

Have a burning style question? Email our Personal Shoppers at PS@adornia.com

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