ADORNIA on eHow: Bikini Jewelry July 15, 2013 14:35

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Video Transcript: 

Live from Adornia Studios, I'm Bex Aronson, jewelry and style expert and co-founder of Adornia Fine Jewelry. Today we're going to show you the best bikini and earring pairings for the beach. Now first of all I know you are saying, earrings at the beach? Yes, absolutely, the best thing about fine jewelry is that you can wear it anywhere, in the water, out of the water and it's not going to tarnish, it's not going to turn your finger green, real materials, real quality, will last. First of all when I go to the beach and I'm putting together my outfit, I like to think about a theme, a trend overall. The first one I'm going to show you is tribal. Here you can see we've matched this tribal print bikini with these long turquoise dangling earrings for an overall sort of fierce tribal look. Second if you are feeling a little more sporty, you can see we've paired together this pink and black and white striped two piece with our sporty Terry earrings. The sleek lines go really really well together and finally if you are more of a Bohemian gal, you can see we've paired this brightly printed bikini with our silver Desiree earrings. They have a little bit more of an Earth Mama vibe to them. And there you have it, no matter your style you can wear earrings and your bikini at the beach and look fantastic. I'm Bex Aronson. That's it for today. You've been adorned.