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Brooke Shields in ADORNIA September 15, 2014 12:34


Brooke Shields wears our Barra Ring at the New York Premiere of 'Days and Nights' #Adorniagirl

The ADORNIA Girl of the Month: September 2014 September 1, 2014 12:36

Meet Jing, our September ADORNIA Girl of the Month. This #ADORNIAgirl has an MBA from the Wharton School, has the best taste in music (her job demands it!), and has been known to rock a high-heeled bootie while doing her laundry... Smart, stylish, and stunning, Jing is an ADORNIA Girl through and through!


You graduated Wharton Business School (aka the land of khaki pants and salmon polo tees) and started working in the music industry at Beats Music. What do you wear to work daily?
Lately I've been really into monochrome ensembles and playing with bold prints. Since moving to LA I've also incorporated a lot more denim into my wardrobe - distressed denim is always in heavy rotation. Basically I switch it up quite a bit day to day, but the underlying theme is always a strong juxtaposition - street wear and couture, sweatpants and stilettos, etc. I'm also feeling the neoprene trend right now

What's your all time favorite jewelry piece that you own and why?
My most treasured jewelry piece is single solitaire diamond necklace that was made for me by the widow of a former mentor of mine shortly after his passing. It helped me cope with the loss, and I wore it every day for over five years. 

If ADORNIA named a piece after you, what would it look like? Describe it.
A bold piece with classic features and edgy details. 

Who is your style icon and why?
Beyonce. Because Beyonce. 

ADORNIA loves a good high low juxtaposition...our favorite hastag is #wearsdiamondstakesthebus. We're all about the glamorous girl who dresses up for the most mundane every day situations: walking her dog, taking the subway, going to the grocery store. What's your personal favorite high low combo?
Juxtaposition is everything. I have a pretty sizable shoe collection, and sometimes I don the lesser worn pairs while doing light chores around the house, just to show them some love. The other night I wore a killer pair of Alejandro Ingelmo booties while doing laundry. 


Behind the Shoot: ADORNIA Fall 2014 Featuring Wink July 30, 2014 12:59

As you may have recently noticed our site has gotten quite the posh makeover. A new fashion season is coming and with that comes a rollout of 6 new collections! When we first opened our flagship NYC store we were thrilled to find that one of our favorite boutiques, Wink,  had a location just around the corner. So when it came to our most recent photo shoot for our new collections, the idea of featuring some of our favorite Wink pieces was a serious no-brainer. 


Check out some of the awesome pics here and visit WinkNYC.com for locations to shop!

Style Profile: Julia Weber of Virgin Territory June 24, 2014 13:09

Julia Weber Root is a 22 year old designer, personal style blogger, esthetician/MUA, and founder of  DAZEY.  You can find her constantly creating with her Chiweenie on her lap and equal parts rock n' roll and hip hop streaming through the speakers.  She's a firm believer in spreading love, having fun, and being yourself...oh & mimosas. We met Julia via LUCKYFabb West and have been following her instagram style adventures ever since!

If you could wear only one gemstone for the rest of your life which would it be?

I would choose Amethyst, it's my favorite. My mother gave me an Amethyst ring when I was 18 and I've worn it everyday since! I also believe in all of its healing qualities.

How Would You Describe Your Style?

My style is a mix of things that have influenced me creatively. I love layering and mixing fabrics, I like things to be flowy and romantic but with elements of structure. I draw inspiration from almost every era- besides the 80's haha I never want my style to be able to be put in a box, defined as just one specific thing, so it's something that is always evolving. Comfort is really key to me, the footwear might not always be comfortable, but the outfit has to be.

Silver or Gold?


Who is your style icon?

My first style icon was Carrie Bradshaw, even though Patricia Field was the brains behind the operation, no one can wear the clothes as well as SJP did while playing Carrie. Then, of course, the queen- Kate Moss! I have always admired her effortlessly chic look with that rock n' roll vibe.

What is your process when you shop for jewelry? 

When I shop for jewelry I'm looking for something very unique, yet classic, I think of outfits I would pair it with and if it's something I would wear often. I started going to antique stores for jewelry when I was 13, I've always loved the idea of it having a story and experience, you can still find me scouring the shelves at any antique store looking for a killer find.

What is your go-to piece of jewelry in your collection?

My YSL Arty ring, it's gold with a turquoise stone, it's unlike anything I own. It was also a gift from my boyfriend, so it makes me smile just looking at it.

Sounds like you have quite the jewelry collection! Do you have a special way of storing it all?

I hang my necklaces from hooks, bracelets on a perfume tray, my important jewelry goes in a vintage green velvet lined jewelry box that my best friend gave me, and I also have small vintages dishes all around my house, so I can take my rings off at anytime and not misplace them.

Jasmine Doublet Necklace
Elena Ring Emerald

Style Profile: The Sisters of The Perennial Style June 10, 2014 13:15

Meet the Flowers sisters. Three lovely ladies  sharing a wardrobe while finding ways to express their individuality through their love of fashion. From small-town Alabama to the glitz and glamour of Dallas, these sisters’ lives are fast-paced, fashionable, and always exciting. Their blog The Perennial Style is a way for them to share their passions and interests with  friends and family in hopes of inspiring others. We first met these stylish siblings via the LUCKYfabb West conference and it is clear they have a unique style POV!

Who is your style icon and why?

We essentially grew up with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, so they are our top pick- and obviously, we love a sister pair!

How Would You Describe Your Style?

Ellen is definitely the most daring- she loves body chains, ear cuffs, hand chains, and anything else new and trendy!  Blair and Janie tend to enjoy classic pieces that will last a lifetime.  It’s more of an investment for them, rather than following trends.

As sisters, do you covet each other's jewelry or do you share?

We absolutely share!  Why wouldn’t we want to triple our closets?

What is your process when you shop for jewelry? 

First, we try it on to make sure it fits well.  For example, if it’s a statement necklace we make sure it lays flat on our chest, or for earrings, they can’t be too heavy.  Next, we make sure the quality is nice and that it would jazz up our outfits- because jewelry is always the icing on the cake, right?! 

What is your go-to piece of jewelry in your collection?

We love big earrings!  We also think stacked rings are really cool and are trying to grow our collection! 

What is the one thing for summer you are lusting after?

The Prada Saffiano Tote or the Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour.

Style Profile: Melissa Rodriguez of MelRodStyle May 31, 2014 13:23

We first met Mel through the LuckyFabb West Coast conference (a glammed up gathering of the best blogging minds and instagram feeds across the country!). She, an attending blogger, us a part of the majorly coveted swag bag. Mel brings a touch of glam and a dash of DIY into her personal style blog MelRodStyle. We love her easy yet chic style sensibility and we know you will too!

How would you describe your style?

My style is a combination of many things. While I'm a t-shirt and jeans type of girl, I do love to get dolled up occasionally. I wear what I like.

Who is your style icon?

I would have to say Nicole Richie because she has made a huge transformation in her life and career. I admire her success with House of Harlow and hope to someday have my own accessory line as well… Perhaps shoes…

White diamonds or champagne diamonds?

That's a no brainer. I choose both. I mean, what girl doesn't love best of both diamondworlds, right?!

Silver or gold?

I love mixing metals so I have to pick both.

What is your process when you shop for jewelry?

I'm really into simple jewelry these days. Anything that won't go out of style that I can keep and wear forever.

What is your go-to piece of jewelry in your collection?

My go-to piece at the moment would have to be my rose gold watch. It's such a sleek and classic piece. It goes with everything!

Where has been the best jewelry shopping on vacation spot you've ever discovered?

When I visited mexico, I found beautiful pieces of jewelry. The artwork and designs put into each piece was just unbelievable and so incredible.

ADORNIA Featured in Disfunkshion Magazine August 1, 2013 14:28


The gorgeous Fiona Gubelmann, of Wilfred fame, in the August issue of DISfunkshion Magazine featuring our Malibu Earrings and Veronica Ring.


Style Profile: Brynn Elliott Watkins June 19, 2013 14:33

When it comes to the world of style, Brynn Elliott Watkins definitely has the eye. Brynn has a passion for all things visual, vibrant, and vivacious. She is the founder of Being/Elliott, a style blog focusing on the whimsical fascinations of life: thoughts, ideas, travels and personal style. We adore Brynn, a total ADORNIA Girl, and her unique view of the world through her own artistic lens. Let's dive into what makes Brynn's style tick.

How would you describe your style? 

Vintage with an urban twist.

Who is your style icon? 

Jane Birkin. She could even make a t-shirt look out-of-this-world stylish! 

What spring trends are you dying to try out? 

Hats! Now that the sun is out I have an excuse to pop on a straw hat and cute sundress and go dancing! I also can't wait to wear white again. I love different shades of white, and I feel like the crisp color adds a clean element to any look.

Blue turquoise, or blue sapphire? 

Being a September child I am a sapphire lady for sure! It is my birth stone so I can't go wrong with a beautiful blue sapphire. 

Do you wear jewels to the beach? 

Of course! Jewelry always completes my look--even at the beach. I am always rocking a few rings and some stackable bracelets that jazz up my beach attire. 

Speaking of jewels, which ADORNIA pieces do you have your eye on?

1. The Sandra Cuff, $275: I love this cuff. I feel like it brings a bit of an edge.

2. The Frannie Earrings, $295: These gorgeous earrings add an elegant pop of color to any outfit. 

3. The Mona Stacking Ring Set, $145: I love the earthy feel of this stunning stacking set! 

You can keep up with Brynn's style adventures on her blog Being Elliot

Photo credit for Brynn's portrait: http://jackieophotography.com/ 

Image of Jane Birkin via dear-alexandra.tumblr.com 


Style Profile: Kristen Philipkoski of Stylenik April 15, 2013 14:14

We first met Kristen during a recent trip to SF and we instantly fell in love with her hippie chic aesthetic and shared affinity for all things bejeweled. As the author of her own fashion blog Stylenik and the San Francisco editor of Racked SF Kristen really knows her stuff! Bex sat down with Kristen to get the inside scoop on her unique style icon, her love of jewelry, and her trick to staying stylishly warm in the winter. 

Who is your style icon and why?

Frida Kahlo. She dressed for herself and mastered a tough but feminine look.

Yellow gold or Rose gold?

Am I allowed to say both? Because honestly I love both. I actually have been wearing a stack of rings lately that include silver, rose gold and yellow gold!

How do you stay stylish in the chillier winter months?

Major layers! San Francisco weather is famously fickle, but it can get really cold. So I always bring a chunky pullover or cardigan sweater that will fit over anything.

What is your go-to foundation piece? 

It would be a tie between my engagement ring and a gold ring that was my grandmother's. I wanted my engagement ring to be different—I wanted a sapphire instead of a diamond and I wanted something modern and timeless at the same time. I also wanted a lighter-colored diamond. I saw this ring in the case and knew it was The One immediately. We looked around more but I knew I would go back to this one in the end. 

My grandmother passed away two years ago, and after her funeral my grandfather told me, my mom, my aunt and my cousin to go through her jewelry and take what we wanted. She didn't have a will, so we all just had to decide what each of us would take. When it came to her "mother ring," everyone said I should have it. I was the only one of us who was not a mother at the time, but they all knew I wanted a baby and I was really touched they wanted me to take it. It's a gold band with her own birthstone, a sapphire, and the birthstones of her two sons: my dad, a ruby and his brother, peridot. It's not over the top fancy so I can wear it anytime, though I'm terrified of losing it. Now that I'm a mother myself, I adore the ring even more. 

Those rings are amazing! And such a touching story. While we're on the subject of love and jewelry, and love of jewelry... which ADORNIA pieces are you lusting after?

1. Amelia Earrings $1395: I don't usually go for pink, but I love when it's paired with something tough. The black diamonds and the rough cut of the stones balance them out perfectly!

2. Carolina Earrings $1495: These are just drop dead gorgeous! They would be a go-to for every special occasion. 

3. Frannie Earrings $495: Can you tell I have a thing for big earrings? :) I adore Native American jewelry and turquoise, and it's great that these are made by Native American artists. And I love how big they are!

4. Lola Bracelet $795: I love the unexpected combo of black diamonds and yellow gold, as well as the art deco style.

You can follow Kristen's stylish adventures on her blog Stylenik.com and keep up with the latest SF style news via Racked SF 

Images of Kristen and her two rings via Stylenik.com, Frida Kahlo image via Fridakahlo.org

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