How-To Accessorize Your Earring (With Another Earring) June 15, 2013 14:12

Ah youth. We all had our years of juvenile rebellion. Maybe it was a streak of pink hair, or a symbolic tattoo, but for many of us it was the second piercing. Yes multiple earring holes may have been all the rage back in the day but what does today's modern woman do with this extra opening? We say, embrace it! Any opportunity to increase your level of adornment is not one to be missed! The two rules to accessorizing your earring (with another earring) successfully come down to 2 words: Proportion and Likeness.

Proportion: Think of the 2nd earring as a supporting player. It should always be smaller than the star (your main earring). 

Likeness: Feel free to play around with color but keep everything in the same style family. Diamonds with diamonds, edgy with edgy.