The ADORNIA Girl of the Month: September 2014 September 1, 2014 12:36

Meet Jing, our September ADORNIA Girl of the Month. This #ADORNIAgirl has an MBA from the Wharton School, has the best taste in music (her job demands it!), and has been known to rock a high-heeled bootie while doing her laundry... Smart, stylish, and stunning, Jing is an ADORNIA Girl through and through!


You graduated Wharton Business School (aka the land of khaki pants and salmon polo tees) and started working in the music industry at Beats Music. What do you wear to work daily?
Lately I've been really into monochrome ensembles and playing with bold prints. Since moving to LA I've also incorporated a lot more denim into my wardrobe - distressed denim is always in heavy rotation. Basically I switch it up quite a bit day to day, but the underlying theme is always a strong juxtaposition - street wear and couture, sweatpants and stilettos, etc. I'm also feeling the neoprene trend right now

What's your all time favorite jewelry piece that you own and why?
My most treasured jewelry piece is single solitaire diamond necklace that was made for me by the widow of a former mentor of mine shortly after his passing. It helped me cope with the loss, and I wore it every day for over five years. 

If ADORNIA named a piece after you, what would it look like? Describe it.
A bold piece with classic features and edgy details. 

Who is your style icon and why?
Beyonce. Because Beyonce. 

ADORNIA loves a good high low juxtaposition...our favorite hastag is #wearsdiamondstakesthebus. We're all about the glamorous girl who dresses up for the most mundane every day situations: walking her dog, taking the subway, going to the grocery store. What's your personal favorite high low combo?
Juxtaposition is everything. I have a pretty sizable shoe collection, and sometimes I don the lesser worn pairs while doing light chores around the house, just to show them some love. The other night I wore a killer pair of Alejandro Ingelmo booties while doing laundry.