We raised $3,260 for Black Lives Matter Global Network this month June 30, 2020 15:04

Dear Friends,

I am so happy to share with you that after a month of shooting from the rooftops that we're donating 100% of profits from the hope lariat sales in June...the fruits of  our labor is here. We were able to raise $3,260 and made the donation a few minutes ago. I am so proud of our collective efforts. Adornia is a small business that prides itself on giving back. My background is not in jewelry, but in history, where I focused on race relations in America and Germany. When the George Floyd video was released, mortified and energized, I decided to act fast and turn my hope necklace as part of the movement for justice for the black community. Our fight does not stop here. Please stay tuned as we look for more ways to get involved and leave our mark on the world as a small business with heart and soul.

Mo, founder and owner