Style Profile: Julia Weber of Virgin Territory June 24, 2014 13:09

Julia Weber Root is a 22 year old designer, personal style blogger, esthetician/MUA, and founder of  DAZEY.  You can find her constantly creating with her Chiweenie on her lap and equal parts rock n' roll and hip hop streaming through the speakers.  She's a firm believer in spreading love, having fun, and being yourself...oh & mimosas. We met Julia via LUCKYFabb West and have been following her instagram style adventures ever since!

If you could wear only one gemstone for the rest of your life which would it be?

I would choose Amethyst, it's my favorite. My mother gave me an Amethyst ring when I was 18 and I've worn it everyday since! I also believe in all of its healing qualities.

How Would You Describe Your Style?

My style is a mix of things that have influenced me creatively. I love layering and mixing fabrics, I like things to be flowy and romantic but with elements of structure. I draw inspiration from almost every era- besides the 80's haha I never want my style to be able to be put in a box, defined as just one specific thing, so it's something that is always evolving. Comfort is really key to me, the footwear might not always be comfortable, but the outfit has to be.

Silver or Gold?


Who is your style icon?

My first style icon was Carrie Bradshaw, even though Patricia Field was the brains behind the operation, no one can wear the clothes as well as SJP did while playing Carrie. Then, of course, the queen- Kate Moss! I have always admired her effortlessly chic look with that rock n' roll vibe.

What is your process when you shop for jewelry? 

When I shop for jewelry I'm looking for something very unique, yet classic, I think of outfits I would pair it with and if it's something I would wear often. I started going to antique stores for jewelry when I was 13, I've always loved the idea of it having a story and experience, you can still find me scouring the shelves at any antique store looking for a killer find.

What is your go-to piece of jewelry in your collection?

My YSL Arty ring, it's gold with a turquoise stone, it's unlike anything I own. It was also a gift from my boyfriend, so it makes me smile just looking at it.

Sounds like you have quite the jewelry collection! Do you have a special way of storing it all?

I hang my necklaces from hooks, bracelets on a perfume tray, my important jewelry goes in a vintage green velvet lined jewelry box that my best friend gave me, and I also have small vintages dishes all around my house, so I can take my rings off at anytime and not misplace them.

Jasmine Doublet Necklace
Elena Ring Emerald