Style Profile: Kristen Philipkoski of Stylenik April 15, 2013 14:14

We first met Kristen during a recent trip to SF and we instantly fell in love with her hippie chic aesthetic and shared affinity for all things bejeweled. As the author of her own fashion blog Stylenik and the San Francisco editor of Racked SF Kristen really knows her stuff! Bex sat down with Kristen to get the inside scoop on her unique style icon, her love of jewelry, and her trick to staying stylishly warm in the winter. 

Who is your style icon and why?

Frida Kahlo. She dressed for herself and mastered a tough but feminine look.

Yellow gold or Rose gold?

Am I allowed to say both? Because honestly I love both. I actually have been wearing a stack of rings lately that include silver, rose gold and yellow gold!

How do you stay stylish in the chillier winter months?

Major layers! San Francisco weather is famously fickle, but it can get really cold. So I always bring a chunky pullover or cardigan sweater that will fit over anything.

What is your go-to foundation piece? 

It would be a tie between my engagement ring and a gold ring that was my grandmother's. I wanted my engagement ring to be different—I wanted a sapphire instead of a diamond and I wanted something modern and timeless at the same time. I also wanted a lighter-colored diamond. I saw this ring in the case and knew it was The One immediately. We looked around more but I knew I would go back to this one in the end. 

My grandmother passed away two years ago, and after her funeral my grandfather told me, my mom, my aunt and my cousin to go through her jewelry and take what we wanted. She didn't have a will, so we all just had to decide what each of us would take. When it came to her "mother ring," everyone said I should have it. I was the only one of us who was not a mother at the time, but they all knew I wanted a baby and I was really touched they wanted me to take it. It's a gold band with her own birthstone, a sapphire, and the birthstones of her two sons: my dad, a ruby and his brother, peridot. It's not over the top fancy so I can wear it anytime, though I'm terrified of losing it. Now that I'm a mother myself, I adore the ring even more. 

Those rings are amazing! And such a touching story. While we're on the subject of love and jewelry, and love of jewelry... which ADORNIA pieces are you lusting after?

1. Amelia Earrings $1395: I don't usually go for pink, but I love when it's paired with something tough. The black diamonds and the rough cut of the stones balance them out perfectly!

2. Carolina Earrings $1495: These are just drop dead gorgeous! They would be a go-to for every special occasion. 

3. Frannie Earrings $495: Can you tell I have a thing for big earrings? :) I adore Native American jewelry and turquoise, and it's great that these are made by Native American artists. And I love how big they are!

4. Lola Bracelet $795: I love the unexpected combo of black diamonds and yellow gold, as well as the art deco style.

You can follow Kristen's stylish adventures on her blog and keep up with the latest SF style news via Racked SF 

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