Interview with Mo (part 2) January 8, 2020 21:51

Part 2 of our Q & A with Mo! 

What inspires you on a daily basis? 
What inspires me is seeing the progress I make from working on Adornia and using that positive feedback to keep reinvesting emotionally and financially in the business
How do you maintain a healthy work life balance? 
Hahaha I don't. But I am not someone who likes to not work. My work for Adornia is my life and I don't see the need to separate. I need a day off here and there
Do you have advice for people who want to open their own business? 
Well get ready! Starting any business is incredibly tough, takes a lot of stamina and grit. Determine what your goals are, whether that be opening an etsy store or getting your product in big stores, and put together a plan to get there
How do you embody your Leo Sun? 
I am incredibly intense, ambitious, dominant, can be emotional. I have no cusp to other signs. I am a true Leo Aug 11 
What is the last great thing you read, saw, or experienced? 
I am a little cynical so hard to impress me, but I love country music and had so much fun at the Cole Swindell concert at Mohegan Sun arena last month. Also Stagecoach (aka Coachella for country lololol) was amazing this year