Just Checking In March 23, 2020 13:39

Hello Friends!

Adornia is a small woman-owned and run business, and like many other small businesses, our current situation has added an additional level of stress to our plate.

As we are practicing social distancing, our employees are not able to come into our Chelsea workspace out of concern for their safety. All of Adornia's employees are still being paid at this time, as paying bills should not be an added stressor for anybody right now. 

We (primarily our founder, Moran) are still filling online orders, and doing so with caution so as to ensure the safety of our products for you. We are doing our best to bring as much beauty into your worlds as possible in this time of uncertainty and tension. 
We are doing everything we can to keep things running and to keep our employees paid, so that maybe we can bring a little bit of beauty and joy into your life today. Stay Safe.
With Love,
The Adornia Team