Adornia's Latest Arrivals! March 12, 2019 13:49

new Adornia womens necklaces enamel diamond
Stand out in a big way with these new Fine Adornia pieces.
These 3 new necklaces demand attention, and attention will be easily served. 

Our Pink Diamond Enamel Pendant is the gift that keeps on giving, whether for a friend or for yourself. This every day but anything-but-boring necklace will be a shining new addition to your look. 

The Black Diamond Star Textured Chain Necklace is as rocker as it gets without being overboard. Say hello to your edgy side, she's been waiting for you. 

Adorned on a sleek rosary-embellished chain, the Ivory Moon Enamel Diamond Necklace gives you the details you've been yearning for.