Thank you! December 29, 2019 19:23

Hi, I am Mo, founder and owner of this jewelry company Adornia. I am going to start posting regularly on this blog things going on in the #adornialoft and my life trying to grow this business. I am going to stop pretending like we're some big sophisticated jewelry company. It is an exhausting front to maintain and I am not good at lying. It is mainly me and my small team operating out of my New York City apartment trying to make things happen for my brand. The jewels we make are first class, designer quality, but our day-to-day is humble, and it is the small wins that make a difference and keep me going every day. At the core of Adornia is a playful, feminine, and fearless (but at times vulnerable) woman, expressing herself through a mix of our gemstone and expressive jewelry. No two gemstones are alike and no two women are alike equally.  Thank you for reading along and viewing my designs!

xo, Mo