#AdorniaWoman : Vanessa Villegas March 6, 2020 08:11

What is an #adorniawoman? A woman that defies stigmas, has something to say and says it without fear, guilt or shame. Vanessa Villegas fully embodies the #Adorniawoman. Her confidence and depth are on display via her instagram, @vanessavillegasofficial. 
We asked her a few questions.  
1. I see you have ballet and olympic experience, so how did you get into modeling? 
I actually got into modeling through an ex boyfriend. He was a model and that was the first time I ever saw it in real life as a true profession. If it is reality for someone else then it certainly can be a reality for me. I love performing and I always saw modeling as some sort of performance. 
2. You seem to embrace your body unapologetically on Instagram and you are in incredible shape. So much respect for you! Have you always been comfortable with your body?
When I was younger I got made fun of a lot for my body type. Especially during pre-teen through teenage age. Kids would say I was too muscular and that I looked like a boy. It was most certainly a journey, and a process to learn to accept my body, just like any woman. I think it is an unfortunate thing that our body is something we must feel comfortable with. I mean, our mothers bodies made us, and we will do what we want with our bodies. It is what is carrying us through life, like a space ship or something! I think if its healthy than that is all that matters. 
3. You picked our moonstone pieces to wear! What drew you to the pieces? How does our jewelry make you feel?
It is said that a moonstone can magnify ones emotions. As a model who is now journeying into acting, I would love to be in touch with myself in any way I can! I meditated a lot and take a lot of time to myself to understand what I'm feeling so I can be a fully self aware. In an age of social media where everyone is saying things they don't mean, and communication half of what they intended, I want to be alert for every exchange that I am in with people. Part of that is knowing exactly how I feel about things. Whether a moonstone really does or doesn't magnify my mood, I sure like what it represents. And I love this set too! 
xoxox to you, Vanessa. Do you know an #adorniawoman that deserves to be recognized? Send us an email to press@adornia.com or send us a DM on our Instagram @adornia! We can't wait to see her style Adornia.